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Kathleen Day

On the way down the coast to see Dr. Abraham for the first time, I felt bad that I was asking my husband to take one more day of vacation to chase after help for me; over the years, he’d used weeks and weeks-and it seemed like wasted time, to me.  It’s a 2 hour drive from our house to her office—not a quick trip.  I was in terrible pain and no one, no technique, no med had helped in the slightest.  I had tried every modality imaginable, and still, after years of suffering, nothing had changed.

I did not want to start from the beginning, once again, trying to fix all that was wrong; I just wanted pain relief. There had been so many empty promises and false hopes.

I hoped that whatever Dr. Abraham could do, it would just ease the pain until I died.  There was no doubt that death wouldn’t be long in coming.  It was evident in the lab values and in my symptoms.  I could look in the mirror and see it!

When we got to the office parking lot, my husband went ahead to find the office, so that I would not have to walk any farther than necessary.  I just didn’t have the stamina.

As we walked into her office, Dr. Abraham shook our hands and greeted us, and as we sat down, she said, “I know what is wrong with you and I have a plan to help you.”  She began to explain to me what needed to be done to help me.  It all made sense.  At last, here was a doctor that could think and could look at the body as a whole and integrate the parts. 
By the time I left, I didn’t mind starting afresh.  I had confidence that I was going to be helped.

And, now, 5 years later, let me tell you—my life has changed so much!  Lab values have changed—now, they look like those of a person who is alive, not one that is on death’s doorstep.  Symptoms have changed—no longer am I in terrible pain.  No more getting up to the bathroom 8 to 10 times a night—once will do it, now. No longer do I have to think about how many steps it is from the car to her office—I could walk back and forth several times without a second thought.

Rarely do I have pain. I can walk my dog. In fact, it marked a milestone when I could walk him the length of the nearby path and back. That seemed like a miracle!
Now, I can do that 3 or 4 times in a day without consequences. 

Over the years, the 2 hour drive to Dr. Abraham’s office has been a short one—because there is help waiting at the end.  And, to say that I am grateful would be putting it mildly.  How can I express my gratitude for saving my life and making it worth living, as well? 
Thank you, Dr. Abraham.  Thank you.

Kathleen Day (age 62) 

Solvang, CA

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