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Natural Progesterone

Natural progesterone is made by the corpus lutem at ovulation (20-25mg per day) and by the placenta during pregnancy (up to 300-400mg per day!).

The resultant benefits of natural progsterone include:

  • Helps use fat for energy

  • Facilitates Thyroid Hormone Action

  • Natural anti-depressant

  • Natural Diruetic

  • Normalizes blood sugar levels

  • Restores proper cell oxygen levels

  • Restores libido

  • Normalizes zinc & copper levels

  • Normalizes blood clotting

  • Protects against breast fibrocysts

  • Helps against breast cancer

  • Necessary for survival of embryo

  • Maintains secretory endometrium

  • Stimulates osteoblasts (bone building)

  • Precursor for cortiscosterone production (cortisone)

Estrogen Dominance

Natural progesterone is produced by the corps luteeum after ovualation and balances the side effects of otherwise unopposed estrogen.

Under influences of anovulatory cycles, menopause, and dietary antagonists, progesterone production ceases or is suppressed and the effects of estrogen dominance can be observed.

Many women experience otherwise unexplained weight gain from the lack of progesterone that is required for proper thyriod function*.

It is also important that we diastinguish Natural Progesterone from Yam Extract and from its counterparts in the drug industry - Progestins.

Although these drugs are commonly referred to as progesterone, this is a misnomer. In some ways they mimic the effects of progesterone in the body, but in other important ways they gravely interfere with natural progesterone and can create and exacerbate hormone related health problems adn be a primary contributor to the condition referred to as Estorgen Dominance.

  • Increased body fat

  • Interference with thyriod activity

  • Depression & headaches

  • Salt and fluid retention

  • Blood sugar irregularities

  • Reduced oxygen in all cells

  • Decreased libido (sex drive)

  • Loss of zinc and retention of copper

  • Excessive blood clotting

  • Increased risk of breast cancer

  • Reduced vascular tone

  • Increaed risk of endometrial cancer

  • Endometriosis

  • Uterine cramping

  • Infertility

  • Restraint of osteoclast funcion

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