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The skin, body tone, immune system of the young female doesn't require a particular discussion, we had it all.

Going through the change may bring on degenerative diseases. The menopause brings on hormonal sequences that stops the ovaries from producing the eggs.

It is not "estrogen deficiency" in fact, during the early menopause there is sufficient estrogen production in spite of already apparent hot flashes or insomnia and irritability.
I recommend to use the E 2 (estradiol) free fraction in a saliva test because the bioactive E 2 represents only up to 1 - 1.5% that would be measured from the blood.

We need to avoid high progesterone to estradiol ratios = estrogen dominance. This is a dangerous state, it predisposes us to

  1. Breast & uterine cancers, Fibroids

  2. Reduced inability (gaba) affect of the central nervous system: A pro-excitatory state

  3. Tendency to bone loss

In a case when estradiol is in physiologic range but progesterone is already low the therapy is not Premarin or estrogen patches, but isomecular progesterone daily.

For the early hot flashes many women are given estrogens (patches, Premarin) the hot flashes biochemically speaking are rapid drops in estrogen over a few days with a pre-existing low progesterone level.
The continual ERT will overdose the woman.

While hot flashes are gone by overriding endogenous production, on salivary sex hormone testing, we find a common 3-400% estradiol excess coupled with a low progesterone. This woman is clearly at cancer risk, she is showing aggressive behavior and irritability.

How to manage?

Saliva testing or DHEA, estradiol, estriol, progesterone and testosterone levels.
Kits will be mailed to you and can be done in the privacy of your own home.

Blood levels show protein bound-inactive-levels practically useless. We balance out all these hormone levels. If only the estrogen patch was used previously. we may use,

Cutting estrogen using estriol (the "safe estrogen") 30mg isomecular progesterone Retest saliva 30 days - All hormones should be in acceptable limits

Stepwise Program

Your salivary sex hormones tested (kit will be mailed) Use 30mg/g isomecular progesterone "Bliss" daily applied to the skin Isomecular - safe "estriol" may be used as a vaginal cream to treat vaginal athropy and prevent frequent urinary tract infections (available on rx) Estriol cream (compounded by a pharmacy) may be used to prevent or reduce facial skin wrinkling Use phytonutrients ("wonder") Use colostrum to enhance immune functions. Use lipoic acid 300-600mg daily as one of the most efficient antioxidants available Cut back on your calories consumed, reduce sugars and fats, use food dense nutrients and strive to become "lean and mean" Get involved in movement and music as one of the most efficient ways to revitalize your brain (dancing. etc).) Take pregnenolone as a "memory booster" or as a "precursor" for all the steroid hormones Detoxify mercury from your body - protocols are available by request Hg blocks progesterone receptors, therefore increases estrogen burden and conversation of estradiol to cancer causing "catechols&quinones". Avoid alcohol and tobacco Avoid exposure to household chemicals and pesticides. Avoid use of diary products as these have concentrated levels of pesticides Avoid hydrogenated fats (margarine, cookies or bakery products). Use raw flax seeds that have high lignan content (not oil).

These are one of the protective factors against breast cancer in the vegetarian woman. You may order this product from us also.

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